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V 0.5.4 
ViMusic APK is a popular choice for many users and those who want to listen to trending tracks, songs, and beats. It also allows the users to listen to their favorite songs from YouTube Music API.
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21 Jan 2024
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V 0.5.4 
ANDROID 4.4 and up
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Regarding music and songs on Android devices, ViMusic APK is a popular choice for many users and those who want to listen to trending tracks, songs, and beats. This app offers a seamless music experience and allows the users to listen to their favorite songs from YouTube Music API, which is integrated into the latest version of this app that you can easily download free of cost from this website.

ViMusic, the best alternative to Ymusic, is an Open Source Application with many features for music enthusiasts. If you are a music lover and feel bored, it is a fantastic app for you that would be helpful in your free time, and you could listen to various songs and podcasts according to your taste and temperaments. Additionally, you can play background music on your devices even if your mobile screen is turned off. Moreover, make a collection of your played songs and then play them again offline anywhere and anytime.

What is ViMusic APK?

ViMusic app is the modded version of the original app, with all the built-in premium features you can use for free. It is an alternative to Spotify, Deezer, and SoundCloud and has an extensive library of features. You can download the premium version of this application free of cost with all the same features the premium version of alternatives has. The most demanding features include playlists, API access, mp3 downloader, lyrics, themes, offline listening, etc. Besides, you can also download and use Resso Mod APK, a similar application with the same brilliant features for music lovers.

How ViMusic Works?

It does not have a private server that server data from servers to the users through the access of this app. This application is just a source to listen to music through this app from YouTube. It is integrated with YouTube music through API, and you can connect it to your Gmail account to connect with YouTube and auto-connect API.

Unlike traditional platforms that maintain private servers to serve data directly to users, ViMusic takes advantage of the extensive music library available on YouTube. This innovative approach eliminates the need for a dedicated server infrastructure and relies on integrating seamlessly with YouTube’s vast collection of music content.

The core functionality of ViMusic lies in its integration with YouTube Music through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). APIs enable ViMusic to connect with YouTube, leveraging the platform’s extensive database of songs, albums, and playlists. Users can access this wealth of musical content directly through the ViMusic application.

Key Features

Discover Trending Songs

Thousands of songs are uploaded on YouTube and other music-providing platforms daily for music lovers. So, this app provides access to all the latest and trending songs for listening. Non every but most of the tracks are available on this platform for free access. It has the Discover feature that shows the latest uploaded songs on the app’s home screen. So, you can access the new songs whenever you open this app and find the songs by typing the name in the search bar.

Create and Import Playlists

The playlist is a collection of your collected songs and you can add songs to your interests and specific needs. You can create almost 1000 playlists and add 100 songs to every playlist. It allows the users to develop category-wise playlists. This feature is not in the others.

Furthermore, you can import playlists from th, Apple Music and Deezer by connecting your accounts. It can import all your playlists with the same name and songs you collected.

Background Playback

This app introduces a feature that would be helpful during your work. If you are feeling lonely while working, then you can listen to songs without any touch of your mobile device, and no need to open your mobile screen to listen to music. The background playback feature allows the users to play the song even if their mobile screen is turned off and continues to play.

Free YouTube Music (Premium)

YouTube Music is a premium subscription-based platform created for music enthusiasts and you. But, without paying any money, you can use it free through the Vimusic apk because it already has a built-in premium music-based subscription. Just install it on your devices, and let’s enjoy YouTube Music’s premium lifetime subscription.

Offline Listening

Offline listening is a very useful feature for everyone because access to the internet is not possible anywhere, such as in those places where signal issues occur. So, if you go to Journey for entertainment where the internet is inaccessible, you can get help from the offline listening feature of vimusic apk. It allows users to enjoy their favorite tunes without an internet connection. Users can choose the quality of their downloads, striking a balance between audio fidelity and storage space. The option to select the storage location ensures efficient device management. 

Android Auto

ViMusic enhances the driving experience with its Android Auto feature, allowing users to seamlessly control the app through voice commands or touch screens while on the road. With Android Auto integration, users can effortlessly play, pause, skip, shuffle, repeat, and search for music using the ViMusic app. 

This hands-free functionality ensures a safe and convenient way for drivers to access and enjoy their favorite tunes while focusing on the road. The synergy between ViMusic and Android Auto brings music control to the forefront and prioritizes user safety and convenience during their journeys.

Benefits of using Vi Music APK Instead of Spotify

Spotify Premium is the most demanding and popular application of music and songs that provides many features among users to enhance the music listening experience on Android devices. You can access millions of songs on Spotify and access the content according to your needs and interests. However, it contains premium monthly and annual plans for its users to purchase the subscription.

Everyone can’t buy the plans because it is expensive for some time but something to do for entertainment for free. So, Vimuisc is much more popular for those who have no money to pay Spotify and other premium music applications are not very well. ViMusic APK has similar features to Spotify that you can use free of cost. So, it is the most significant benefit of using vimuisc instead of Spotify.

How to Download Vimusic app v0.5.4 & Install on Android?

  • Click the Download Button and Get the File with Fast Speed Downloading Servers.
  • After downloading, click your APK File to Install the app On Your Android Phone.
  • Allow Storage and all the permissions during the installation process.
  • It Will Take Time to Install; you need to wait. 
  • After Installing ViMusic APK, Open the App and Start Listening Daily.

Final Verdicts

Enjoy the new and state-of-the-art music application with its latest version 0.5.4! It improves listening to music because it has many songs from different music and artists, so everyone can find something they like. The easy user interface allows you to easily use and operate the application. You just have to search for your favorite songs with the song title or the artist in the search bar. Furthermore, you can also download your favorite songs and listen without the internet. If you love music and want many options on your Android phone, ViMusic is the app for you!

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