Z Legends 2 MOD APK v4.0.1 (Unlimited Money, Gems) Download

V 4.0.1
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Z Legends 2 INC
Jan 23, 2024
V 4.0.1
ANDROID 5.0 and up
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Introduction to Z Legends 2 MOD APK

We love to watch anime-based series or movies. After movies or series, many games have also been started based on anime characters. If you’re a lover of anime, you must be aware of dragon ball legends. It’s a popular anime-based game developed by Geneildo Santos. After the successful project of Z Legends, its second version has been outed with the name Z Legends 2 Mod APK with unlimited money, gems, and unlocked characters. It’s a fighting action plus adventure game that provides entertaining gameplay. 

Z Legends 2 MOD APK

The game offers sixteen powerful anime characters that add more fun to the game. A battle will happen among these characters. The one who remains ultimately will be the real king or winner of this game. Also, You can decide to float in the air like the characters from Dragon Ball Z while they’re fighting. You can make special combo moves like Gokur Kamemeha or Vegetarian Ultimate Flash by pressing different buttons. 

Besides, the game is lightweight and supports both Android & IOS devices. It offers several game modes and tournaments, including 1v1 or 2v2, that keep the players engaged for many hours. Overall, it’s an amazing game to enjoy to the fullest and meet your favorite anime character with an impressive interface & easy controls. Let’s start discussing its features and pros and cons in depth. Besides, you can download the legendary racing game called FR Legends 2 Mod APK.

Game Modes in Z Legends 2

The game Z Legends 2 APK offered players several game modes. Those are:

  • 2v2 Mode: In the 2v2 game mode, you can play with two characters who are enemies. If you think one of your characters might lose in the fight, you can change to the other character while still in the battle.
  • Tournament Mode: As the name says, if you join the tournament, you must beat all the characters. When you do that, you’ll earn $1000 in the game. You can use this money to unlock stronger characters to play with.
  • Training Mode: Usually, you play this mode to get better at the game and learn new skills. This helps you become good at playing, especially if you want to do well in other modes.

Features of Z Legends 2 APK

Battle Fight

It’s a great game to show your warrior skills by defeating the enemy in Z Legends 2 APK. In this game, you can try different moves like punches, kicks, and special actions to defeat the others which is similar to what players do in Tekken 8 APK. In this way, you can easily win battles against others.

Change Character during Battle

One of the amazing features of Z Legends 2 is it allows players to transform their characters at any time, even if they’re fighting. It means you’re at the battleground and find your character with low energy. Transform that within a second with a powerful character. Isn’t it interesting?

Controls & Soundsystem

The game controls are easy to understand and learn. You can quickly figure out all the moves and strategies. The controls respond well, so you’ll have fun playing the game. The music in the game makes it even better. The background music accompanies the visuals and makes players feel at ease. You’ll enjoy the music while you play.

Z Legends 2 MOD APK Features

Unlimited Money

The official version of Z Legends 2 provides limited money or gems. To get money, you’ve to win fights against enemies, and then, as a reward, you get money in the standard version. On the other hand, Z Legends 2 Mod APK offers unlimited money that players can use to buy fighting accessories and spend on upgrading characters. The money you get in the modified version will be enough for the lifetime and will not run out!

Unlocked All Characters

You’ll find all the Dragon Ball Legends series characters in this game. But some will be locked if you’re playing with the official version. It means you can’t play with your favorite anime character. But don’t worry because using Z Legends 2 Mod APK, all the characters will be accessible for you. Choose any according to your preference and start playing the game!

Restricted Ads

After the locking of characters, the advertisement is the one that irritates a lot if it appears during the gameplay. But in this modified version of Z Legends 2, players won’t have to face these ads because it has a feature of restricted advertisements!



  • Z Legends 2 is a special and fun fighting game for people who love Dragon Ball.
  • The game looks cool and sounds great, which makes it feel like you’re inside the game.
  • Like in Dragon Ball, you can use special moves and strong attacks.
  • In Legends 2, you can change the appearance of your character anytime.
  • The game is free to play and doesn’t ask for subscription charges.


  • You can’t be able to play using multiplayer mode without an internet connection. 


For anime lovers, it would be a great choice to play. Everything looks great,, from innovative graphics to a wide range of powerful characters, showing the developer’s hard work. With its complete range of characters, choose your favorite to fight against enemies. And get exciting prizes by winning challenging tournaments. Furthermore, by swiping the fingers, you can easily control the performance of your characters. It means the controls are easy and accessible. So, get it asap and show your warrior skills by winning against rivals!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to download Z Legends 2 Mod APK?

This APK file is free from errors or viruses, which means it’s safe to run on your devices. Forget about all the myths you’ve heard till now and download Z Legends 2 Mod APK to spend time with entertainment.

From where can we download Z Legends 2 Mod APK?

This is the modified version of the official app. Due to being developed by a third party, it’s unavailable on Playstore. Players always move to our website to download Z Legends 2 APK with unlimited money, gems, and unlocked characters.

Do we have to pay any charges to download the Z Legends 2 APK?

No! It’s free for everyone, and anyone can download it without paying any charges.

Is Z Legends 2 APK suitable for kids?

We recommend the game to kids over 12 years of age.

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