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Refresh your passion and zest of playing football by downloading the FTS 24 Mod APK & OBB data on your Android devices.
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Football is one of the most energetic sports playing across the world. The game is full of excitement and fun elements. Football spectators and enthusiasts across the globe feel a high level of suspense and concern in the awaited football events. To become a player of real football or an online soccer game, you need a competitive spirit and team effort. Although we have a huge selection of online soccer games, finding a player-friendly game is not an easy task. 

Well if you want to become part of one of the healthy and effective soccer games then download our latest edition called  FTS 24 Mod APK. It is one of the most popular football games that has come up with the latest player transfers, updated kits, improved gameplay, unlimited money, and many more surprises for gamers.

First Touch Soccer 2024 Mod APK is one of the super exciting football games for our Android users. Football spectators consider it one of the finest virtual soccer games of this era. The mod version game has many elements to enjoy. The stunning graphics, gameplay, and easy controls make it one of the most anticipated football games.  Moreover, the hectic football events added to the game are delivering such a unique experience.

About FTS 24 MOD APK 

First Touch Soccer 2024 Mod APK is one of the most enthusiastic soccer games. The developer, Zowii Gamers Studio has designed it very sensibly to trap the attention of football enthusiasts. The mod version has extensive features to satisfy the mood of gamers. Fans are enjoying the realistic gameplay and satisfying animation of the First Touch Soccer 2024. Well, you have hundreds of options to triumph over opponents on the battlefield so try the game once you explore this article.

FTS 24 Mod APK is a recently updated game. The game invites you to meet millions of legendary players. All major leagues, dynamic controls, licensed teams, and in-depth career modes have captured millions of audiences worldwide. Moreover, the strategic gameplay and eye-catching graphics give you a realistic experience.

The masterpiece sport is available on your screens. The game is an ideal option to prove your gaming capacity. It offers you thousands of impressive features that will satisfy your frame of mind. The in-depth tactics, squad selection, licensed players, and training mode make it one of the top-ranked games. All you need is a stable connection so that you can easily play the game for many hours.

FTS 24 MOD APK Gameplay

The gameplay of First Touch Soccer 24 Mod APK is remarkably authentic. It is one of the most enjoyable multiplayer games. It offers highly strategic and dynamic gameplay for all football enthusiasts. As a young player, you can participate in various clubs and leagues. Players can fully perform using multiple styles and in-game tactics. The manager mode allows you to become a frontman of your gameplay. Even if you are a beginner, you can smoothly take steps forward.

Features of First Touch Soccer 2024 Mod APK

Let’s see some of the key features of FTS 24 Mod APK.

Multiplayer Mode

First Touch Soccer 2024 is a challenging sport, particularly for die-hard fans of football. Here you can give a tough time to your friends or other people from the sports community. This is the largest platform that gathers huge football enthusiasts and spectators from worldwide. All you need to create an undefeated football team and rank to the highest possible position.

Manager Mode

If you want to get superpowers to win football matches then FTS 24 Mod APK is the ultimate option for you. Because the mode version has come up with excellent manager mode features. That makes you king of your gameplay. All control affairs related to game management are now in your hands. Manage your game plan to get the best player transfers and endless competitive matches. 

Licensed Teams and Leagues

The game has several updated features including the latest player transfers and tournament series. It offers you thousands of players and leagues for you to get involved. The major leagues include the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundles Liga, as well as Seria A, and many more.

customization options

One of the cool features of the game is the customization menu. The option is such an amazing privilege for gamers as you can make your gameplay more innovative while using the customization option. You can edit multiple stuff like graphic designs, player jerseys, players’ positions, camera angles, and other visual accessories.

Offline Mode 

FTS 24 Mod APK is a fabulous game to play even if you don’t have an internet connection. The latest version has updated the offline mode game for its fans. Soon after downloading it from our Website, you will get the best tactic and team formation updates on your screens in a precise manner.

Free to play

Hurrah! It is time to play such a wonderful soccer game for free. The game is free to download and play. So don’t miss this priceless opportunity.


In the above article, we have mentioned some of the key features of First Touch Soccer 2024 Mod APK. But there is more than that for our audience. This is an ideal game that lets you become a soccer champion very soon. It supports both newbies and pro players. Because it offers super simple gameplay. The game design and Mod features are highly appreciable. The natural environment of the game gives a unique experience. The updated football events and incredible prizes in the game make it one of the best soccer games. Refresh your passion and zest of playing football by downloading the FTS 24 Mod APK & OBB data on your Android devices.

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