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GTA Brasil APK or GTA 171 Mobile is one of the most popular modified versions of Grand Theft Auto.
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Feb 18, 2024
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Grand Theft Auto is an action video game series that allows players to explore open-world environments and complete various missions. GTA Brasil APK or GTA 171 Mobile is one of the most popular modified versions of Grand Theft Auto. As its name suggests, this game is associated with Brazil, and its environment is designed according to the main cities of Brazil. 

In this article, we share our experience with GTA Brasil Super Lite APK with you and quickly compare it with other versions of GTA. Hence, be ready to take an extended tour of Brazil’s different cities and streets.

GTA Brasil APK

GTA Brasil APK or 171 Mobile APK

GTA Brasil APK is the most trending and special edition of Grand Theft Auto. The game features an open-world environment with different locations consisting of Crowded streets, beaches, highways, and many more. The GTA game is the only game with which we have so many emotional attachments and childhood memories. Whenever we open this game or see someone playing, it reminds us of our old memories—thanks to the Rockstar Games for creating such a masterpiece.

Most players want to download 200 MB of GTA Brasil APK + OBB because they need more storage or other issues. Hence, we will make it easy for you by providing the download link to the latest version of Brazilian GTA 171. 

GTA 171 APK Download

The game has unique features, such as amazing locations, vehicles, weapons, and missions, highlighting Brazil’s diverse culture. Moreover, most players claim that the gameplay and features are much better than GTA Mzansi or 5. Hence, enjoy racing on the never-ending streets with your favorite vehicles to complete your mission.

GTA Brasil APK is set in Brazil, and it features a dynamic and vibrant environment with bustling cities and diverse landscapes, such as the Amazon rainforest or the Brazilian coastline. GTA 171 Mobile APK also includes a variety of vehicles unique to Brazil; Players feel the real car crashes, car damages, realistic fighting, and character movements. 

GTA Brasil

Furthermore, it consists of various weapons and gadgets inspired by Brazilian culture. As a player, you must complete multiple thrilling missions, including car racing and fighting with gangsters and cops. So, download the game on your Android device and feel the real thrill of this spectacular video game.

GTA Brasil APK Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, it has a unique surrounding and a most challenging mission. Several vehicles and weapons help you to achieve your targets in the game. Moreover, GTA 171 APK introduces new features, such as a “favela climbing” system, where players must climb and cross narrow and vertical streets.

GTA Brasil Super Lite APK also introduced the capoeira fighting system, where players could engage in different combat inspired by the Brazilian martial art. Overall, it offers an exciting gameplay experience while exploring Brazil’s complex social, economic, and political issues.

GTA Brasil APK

Similar to the other versions of Grand Theft Auto, players can select their favorite vehicles and fight with people on the streets. If the players are involved in the wrong activities, the city police arrest them. The core gameplay of GTA Brasil APK mechanics revolves around completing missions and targets, often including driving, shooting, and exploration. 

In this version, players need the facility of the weapon shop, but they have a dealer who sells weapons to players in his car. Other than that, GTA 171 APK offers unique and unforgettable motorbikes, and players can enjoy offroad bike riding with different categories of motorbikes. 

GTA Brasil Features

Open-world environment

GTA 171 APK offers an open-world environment with crowded cities, towns, beaches, and natural landmarks to explore.

Real Car Crashes

Players enjoy realistic car crashes in the game after an accident. Also, they can puncture the tires of any vehicle without damaging the whole vehicle.


The game features various Brazilian vehicles, including the iconic Volkswagen Fusca, Willys Interlagos, Chevrolet Opala, Beetle, the Brazilian-made Embraer jet, and popular motorcycles like the Honda CBX 750F.


In GTA Brasil Super Lite APK, you can buy unique Brazilian weapons from a dealer selling different weapons on his car. You can buy Pistols, Shotguns, Assault rifles, Sniper rifles, Rocket launchers, Melee Weapons, and many more.


The graphics of the GTA 171 Mobile APK have evolved significantly. The pictures of this version are much similar to GTA 5.

Final Words

In conclusion, GTA Brasil APK is the most demanding version due to its surprising features. You can also enjoy gaming in the realistic Brazilian environment with beautiful graphics and fantastic background music. You can download the lite version of the GTA 171 Mobile APK + OBB on your Android devices for free, and it only takes 200 MB of your local storage. In this article, I explain entirely the gameplay and storyline of your favorite version of Grand Theft Auto. I hope you like it. 

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