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V 7.0
Download GTA India APK with OBB to enjoy several Indian vehicles, game weapons, and the most realistic surrounding.
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V 7.0
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There are a lot of action games and one of the games that are the favorite of everyone in the GTA series. But after successful projects of the GTA series, Rockstar Games developed GTA India Apk, another fantastic release that more than 1 million people have downloaded. The game represents Indian culture & architecture, while the gameplay is the same as GTA San Andreas or GTA Mzansi if you’re Indian or haven’t tried this game yet! Then you’re losing a gem. That’s why download it from our website and enjoy it with friends or family!

GTA India

About GTA India APK

The game is getting popular, especially in India. It supports all types of devices like Android & IOS, suitable for all. Download the game on any device because it also runs well on low-end devices. In this game, you’re free to do anything you want, robberies or any crime, because no one will do anything. 

The game was developed to keep in mind the Indian culture or tradition because everything will remind you of your country. Furthermore, all the nations with names are available in this game to choose from your favorite one for the gameplay. Besides, a range of vehicles is available to explore or to move from anywhere. 

In addition, like GTA South Africa, you must be assigned several missions or tasks in the game. Once you try to complete or progress through the levels, the following levels or unlocked items will automatically be opened. 

GTA India APK Gameplay

You’re all familiar with GTA San Andreas; GTA India’s gameplay is more similar to San Andreas. In GTA India Mod APK, you’ll find the look of Indian culture everywhere. Popular Indian places to famous vehicles used on Indian roads are also available in this game. You’ll love this game, and if you’re not Indian, you’ll get to know that country, culture, and how it looks in this game. Everything in the game, from stunning graphics to visuals, seems so real!

GTA India Mod APK

A Range of game Weapons

To be in the game for a long time or to win, you must have weapons for survival. That’s why the game offers players a range of game weapons, including AK-47s, shotguns, pistols, MP5K, and others. Use them against the enemies in the game to break them down into pieces. Furthermore, entering the battle zone with powerful weapons is a winning moment.

Map of India

Like GTA Brasil APK, you can enjoy the whole map of Brazil; similarly, this game has a map of the entire country of India. All the famous places & cities will be mentioned there, like Mumbai, Kolkata, Kerala, Delhi, and all other big cities. Choose your favorite one from the map and start playing GTA India in your favorite zone.

Soundtrack and Audio

One of the standout features of GTA India Mod APK is its carefully curated soundtrack that blends traditional Indian tunes with modern beats. From the soulful melodies of classical instruments to the rhythmic grooves of contemporary music, the game’s audio enhances the immersive experience.

Engaging Missions

Missions form the heart of GTA India gameplay. From high-stakes bank robberies to solving intricate mysteries, the game offers various missions that cater to different playstyles. These engaging missions bring new energy into the game.

Diverse Activities

Beyond missions, players can indulge in many activities, from street racing and martial arts tournaments to yoga sessions and traditional dance performances. This diversity ensures that boredom is never an option.

Various Vehicles

You’ll have a great range of vehicles to move from one place to another or explore the interface of GTA’s India. The vehicles like taxis, cars, trucks, & tempo are used as transport in the game. Please choose one of them and then go on the missions to complete them.

How to Become an Ultimate Champion in GTA India MOD APK

Master the Basics

Before diving into missions, get comfortable with the game’s controls, navigation, and mechanics. Understanding the essentials sets the foundation for success.

Explore Freely

Roam the virtual cities and embrace exploration. Hidden secrets, side quests, and unique landmarks await your discovery.

Prioritize Story Missions

Engage with the main storyline to unlock new areas, features, and narrative twists. Progressing through missions adds depth to the game.

GTA India APK download

Try Side Quests

Take advantage of side missions. They offer diverse challenges, rewards, and a chance to enhance your character’s abilities.

Customize Your Character

Personalize your character’s appearance, outfits, and vehicles to create a unique avatar that reflects your style.

Sharpen Your Driving Skills

Practice driving various vehicles to handle the bustling streets of the virtual world with finesse.

Team Up in Multiplayer

Collaborate with friends or other players in multiplayer mode. Tackle missions together for shared rewards and a social gaming experience.

PROs & CONs:


  • Immersive Cultural Experience: Offers a unique opportunity to explore and interact with India’s rich culture and traditions within a gaming context.
  • Diverse Gameplay: Provides various missions and activities, catering to multiple playstyles and preferences.
  • Personalization Options: Allows players to customize characters, vehicles, and properties, enhancing the sense of ownership and individuality.
  • Visual Spectacle: Delivers stunning graphics and attention to detail, bringing vibrant Indian landscapes to life.


  • Internet Dependency: Requires a stable internet connection, hindering offline play or regions with poor connectivity.

Finale Verdicts

GTA India is an excellent option if you are looking for a Fan-made version of the Grand Theft Auto game. It feels like you are roaming around different cities of India, and you have a chance to explore Indian culture and civilization. Hence, Download GTA India APK with OBB to enjoy several Indian vehicles, game weapons, and the most realistic surrounding.

FAQs About GTA India APK:

 Can I play GTA India APK on all devices?

GTA India Mod APK is primarily available for Android devices. However, with emulators, you can play it on other platforms.

Are there any age restrictions for playing GTA India APK?

Like other GTA games, GTA India APK contains mature content, so it’s recommended for players aged 18 and above.

Can I play GTA India offline?

Yes! The game offers both online and offline gameplay options.

Can we download GTA India MOD APK & OBB for free?

Yes! The game is free to download for everyone and doesn’t require money to play this game.

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