GTA RP APK v2.1 (MOD Roleplay For GTA 5) Download For Android

V 2.1
GTA RP APK with OBB file download for Android and create your own characters and engage in various missions
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Feb 19, 2024
15MB & 700MB
V 2.1
Android 5.0+
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What is GTA RP APK?

Grand Theft Auto is the most popular game of all time. It has built its craze in every age, whether old or young. Likewise, GTA 5 has been the most trending and demanding edition for a long period. Today we are happy to introduce GTA RP APK, also known as Grand Theft Auto Roleplay, a famous mod for the Grand Theft Auto 5 game that allows players to roleplay in a virtual world. 

It is the best online game focusing on immersive gameplay, character development, and community building, where you can use unlimited premium features for free. Most users select Mod RP of GTA V as one of the finest editions of Grand Theft Auto. In the original game, there are some specific characters, but in this version, players can create and customize their characters just like in GTA Mzasi APK


GTA RP Online allows players to roleplay in Grand Theft Auto V. Players can select their private servers to play this game because it is typically played on private servers set up specifically for this purpose. Mostly they have two servers, and we suggest you select server 2 for a better gaming experience. 

Overall, this game has become very popular due to its marvelous features in a very short period. It offers a unique and engaging way to experience the game and has attracted a passionate following of players who love to play Grand Theft Auto with some extra features.

GTA RP APK & OBB File Download

GTA RP APK with OBB file download for Android and create your characters and engage in various missions that take you back to your childhood. Mod Roleplay of GTA 5 has deep emotions with us because we spend our most precious time enjoying this game on our traditional computers. 

In this fanmade version of Grand Theft Auto, players can enjoy different adventurous activities such as police work, business, social interactions, and many more. Moreover, it is quite similar to GTA Brasil APK and is typically played on private servers with specific rules and regulations that control the behavior of the game’s character.


Many users download the GTA RP APK and OBB for Android because of their superclass features. Another reason for its popularity is that Several popular gaming streamers and social media content creators play this game live on their youtube and Twitch channels. 

The Gameplay of GTA RP MOD APK

The gameplay in GTA RP APK revolves around roleplaying players’ customized characters in different missions. The game offers various tasks and missions that players need to accomplish.

The Gameplay of GTA RP includes:

Adventurous Missions

Players can engage in various thrilling tasks such as stealing cars, racing vehicles at high speed, fighting with people, and many more. The cops can catch players, so they have to be careful in the game while doing these activities. 

Civil Job

In the game’s original version, players do civil jobs to earn money because they can buy different vehicles, weapons, and other items to continue their journey. Players can be farmers, electricians, cap drivers, oil field workers, truckers, fishermen, etc.


Police Job

Players can also be police officers to enforce the law within the virtual world. Be ready to carry out your responsibilities and save the city from crime and criminals. Fighting with gangs, arresting criminals, and stopping all illegal activities are your basic duties in the game.

You Can Make Your Own Business.

In GTA RP APK for Android, players can start their businesses, such as nightclubs, casinos, or car showrooms. Be careful and make wise decisions to grow and run your business and earn a lot of money to buy all the most expensive items in the game. 

GTA RP APK Features

Download GTA RP Mod APK and OBB files to enjoy the following feature.

  • Unlocked Weapons

GTA 5 RP has several premium features players can’t find in the original version, such as all the weapons being unlocked and free to use.

  • Characters Customization

 At the begging of the game, players can create unique characters with their favorite names and different outfits.

  • Unlocked Vehicles

The game features dozen modern vehicles that can help you achieve your targets in the game.

  • Immersive gameplay

The gameplay of this game is very interesting and teaches a lot to the players. For example, you need to understand your responsibilities as a police officer and make wise business decisions.

  • Map Location

The game comes with a clear map where you can track your location, your destinations, and new locations to visit.

  • Wide variety of Missions 

GTA RP offers various tasks that players can engage in, including adventurous activities, driving, shooting, combat, police work, business ventures, and social interactions.

Finale Verdicts

On this page, you will find the download button of the GTA RP APK and OBB file for Android. Download this game on your Android device If you are a die heart fan of Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA V. It has captured the attention of many gamers interested in roleplaying in different missions with their character. Moreover, this Mod Roleplay for GTA 5 allows players to create unique characters and engage in different thrilling missions within the virtual world. It is the best source of generating content if you are a social media content creator or a YouTuber. Overall, the game is a complete source of fun and entertainment, bringing back your childhood memories. Have Fun.

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